Thursday, February 18, 2010

Mysterious Gifts Revealed

Those birthday gifts? They were huge votes of confidence wrapped in paper love. You see, some of my future plans involve the ability to sew. I do not possess this ability. I do however, possess creativity and perseverance. And there is a refurbished Brother sewing machine winging its way here to me as we write, and read, these words! The kids and Joe found some great sewing books and accessories for me. They believe I can do it. So do I.

Already lined up is a fab sewing instructor who, BTW, teaches kids to sew as well. Danny and Gracie both have wanted to learn for several years. Before long Joe will be begging for lessons and we'll be the family that sews...

My valentine was a silver and amethyst hedgehog necklace. Tres, tres cute.

This morning I'm sipping coffee and watching the many birds feeding outside the living room window. That's another gift. It's true that if you feed them, they will come. They'll come and bring their songs and beauty. Hardly a fair exchange for a few sunflower seeds.

Now,  last on today's post is a request for prayers. Bessie, great lovely Bessie, is ill. Bessie is my dear friend Marian's Newfoundland, and since Marian died last June Bes has lived with Marian's parents. Suddenly Bessie's kidneys are failing and it isn't clear if she is going to stay with us. Her family wonders if she thinks her job is done. I think that Marian would want Bessie to stay on earth with her parents a little longer and ask for your good thoughts for this darling dog.

Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Yay, this is 49. After cancer my view of birthdays has decidedly changed. Keep 'em coming!

The family is being somewhat mysterious about the nature of my gifts this year. Apparently there is a theme. I believe Joe is driving around with Whatever They Are in the back of his Mazda. My guess? Something to do with "my business," a creative endeavor so new I haven't even completed an official business plan.

The Business, as I like to call it, is burbling along anyway. The laundry room possesses a nook and is conveniently located off the kitchen, my former home-base of operations — voila, an office! I've partnered with an amazing woman in Ohio for some of the creative production aspects (there's a tale there) and am going to work with someone closer to home to generate a prototype. Gosh, I love such mystery! If I could bottle my enthusiasm at this moment I could make a small fortune, certainly enough to bankroll The Business!

On a birthday, though, it is more appropriate to take a moment and look at the goals of years past. The big ones have always been to raise a strong, happy family and live a life according to that ancient precept, The Golden Rule. With our children I intended to teach them to love reading and, seeing books on every surface of our home, I know that has happened. The other measure of success is their own understanding of The Golden Rule. Yeah, they are bringing it into their lives, too, even without my presence. At 49, I feel very successful to have passed on those two life-guiding principles to them. Books open the  mind to the world and all its possibilities, and the humanity of caring for others as one cares for oneself (which mandates a healthy self-love) will take them wherever they want to go.

Happy Birthday, Happy Happy Birthday, Happy Birthday to ME!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Miss You!

There are friends from college, friends from grade school, friends I haven't met yet who read me. Okay, read Hedgie's Chronicles. I know you are out there because I see the hits on the 'counter. This is a one-sided conversation we're having and if you aren't bored with that, I am! Come out and chat with me! Send me some private email at and I'll write back. Really, I will. Tell me what's happening with you, why you visit, if there's anything you'd like to share or discuss.

C'mon. I miss you!