Sunday, January 18, 2009

Keeping in Touch

Whoosh. Where did the time go? Already it is January and I'm a month late with an update.

I'll spare the details on our hope for a "less is more" Christmas with the in-laws and say simply that the celebration we had within our family of four was warm and loving. Joe's mom was the missing ingredient to a wonderful holiday; she took a bad fall and spent close to two weeks in the hospital recovering. Nana is back at home and we are trying to provide as much care, in a variety of ways, as we can. There are full-time caregivers and the other family members are all doing their part. The rest will take time.

I am paddling as fast as I can and still unable to pull away from the dock. Really, hold that image for a moment. Now imagine the woman in the canoe, both hands gripping the paddle, a nagging pain growing in her head. Suddenly, CRACK! Poor woman. She manages to float to her dentist who confirms it: the tooth has fractured, there is no saving it. She's swept next door for an immediate extraction. Ahhh! Talk of implants and bridges, sutures and soft foods swirl around and all she really knows is that sometime, months and months from now, instead of the much-needed new fridge, dishwasher and driveway she will get a new tooth. Yes, a measly tooth. Such is my luck. Meanwhile, I'm ever so grateful for a decent dental insurance policy that will pay for half of the procedure, whatever it turns out to be.

Back on the home front, sweet Gracie announced tonight that she no longer wants to be a strict vegetarian. She really missed a few meat items and was it okay if she tried them again? She was delighted when I told her she could be a "flexitarian" like me. Danny heard her proclaim herself with this new label and came to me for clarification. Yes, Danny, there are flexitarians. Perhaps now we'll be able to cook some semblance of meals. And just when the "1,001 Low-Fat Vegetarian Recipes" book I checked out from the library is so overdue they're going to make us buy it.

Am finally hopeful that the latest combination of glove/sleeve might be a winner. We are going to try a Class I sleeve instead of the current Class II and it might reduce the hand swelling. It's only taken two years to get it right!

Looks like it is close to 3:00 am and I need to toss myself into bed. That's it for a long overdue post.